List of registered participants

The list has been designed placing the participants completing the full raid in first positions, then the ones who will join us for half of the raid and finally the ones that will just take part in single stages. Within these distinctions, the four-wheel drives will be placed behind the 2x4’s, should anyone get stuck, the 4x4’s can offer help to carry on. In Spain Classic Raid we wish to consolidate the spirit if solidarity between contestants, since we believe that helping each other is an indispensable part of the adventure that is crossing Spain off-road.

The starting order each day will be determined by the general rankings from the days before, i.e. In the second stage the winner of stage 1 will be in pole position, etc. The starting order for the first day is the one of the attached list. Race numbers will be maintained throughout the whole raid.

Download the list of participants in pdf: Participants-spain-classic-raid