What is Spain Classic Raid?


An off-road raid for classic cars that crosses Spain from north to south passing through the deserts of Monegros (Aragon), Tabernas (Almeria) and the Castilian plains.

Spain Classic Raid is a historical regularity rally for classic cars which consists in a mandatory course of 2.100 km, with an average speed of less than 50 km/h at all times, along trails and roads open to traffic.
The timing system is correct to the tenth of a second, based on transponders installed in the vehicles that check the control points automatically.


What do you need to participate?


A classic car of at least 25 years old (manufacturing date) that has a fire extinguisher, flaps over the rear wheels and a safety tool to break windows and cut seatbelts.

Exceptionally the registration of vehicles that have not yet reached this age is permitted, if the model of the car were manufactured over 25 years ago. An example: a Seat Panda or Marbella from 1993; this does not reach the required age until 2018, but since the model Panda is a classic, this car is allowed to participate.

The driver needs to have a valid driver’s licence and the car needs to be insured and have passed the vehicle safety inspection.

Although not obligatory, we do recommend a series of other adjustments on the participating vehicles, for more info click here. It is possible that vehicles not equipped with OTR or M+S (winter) tyres cannot take part in some parts of the routes, we will provide an alternative.




How much does it cost?


Different price options are available, for those that have a reduced budget or wish to look for the best accomodation themselves, or for those that do not want to bother with those kind of details and prefer the organization to offer a complete package:

Full Raid:

Option 1: 1.100 €. One night in hotel with breakfast and parking in Seville. Rest free.

Option 2: 2.100 €. Breakfast , parking and nights in hotel at all stages.

Half Raid (Barcelona-Madrid or Madrid-Seville)

Option 1: 650 €. 1 night in hotel with breakfast and parking. Rest free.

Option 2: 1.250 €. Breakfast, parking and nights in hotel at all stages.

Single stage: 170 Euros.

Apart from these options the organization offers complementary services like for example car rental for participants interested in renting a completely equipped car instead of using or preparing their own.


What will the participants encounter?


Fun, adventure, surprises and challenges. The route is secret so the race cannot be practised in advance. The only information available is that the deserts of Tabernas and Monegros will be crossed as well as the plains of La Mancha and that special trials will be held on two car cross circuits; the rest is a surprise. Will there be torrential rains which cause rivers to swell or tracks to get all muddy? Will we have a dry spell which causes the dust to whirl up so high that you can’t see the track? Who said fear...?

What we do know is that the solidarity among participants in these kind of races is enormous. Everyone helps each other out in delicate situations and, if this wouldn’t be sufficient, the organization has means to help continue those that fall behind.

Apart from the sportive event in itself, the participants will visit secluded spots of the Spanish geography, charming places that do not appear in any guide and landscapes that are only visible from hidden tracks which are crossed in Spain Classic Raid. Added to this beauty are the typical gastronomy of the regions and the way of life of the inhabitants of the most rural areas of Spain.


Who organises the event?


The event is being organised by Agrupación Deportiva Etcétera, registered in Madrid since 1993. Etcétera is also licensed by the Real Federación Española de Automovilismo (Royal Spanish Federation for Car Sports).

One of its most representative events is the San Martin Rally, first held in 1996, and which counted towards the championships of the regions of Madrid, Extremadura, Castilla-Leon and Castilla-La Mancha. In 2016, apart from Spain Classic Raid, we will also organise the first three rallies for the IV Regularity Open, among which the third edition of Entre Valles.