Admitted vehicles

Vehicles with any type of drive will be allowed to participate (front, rear, 4x4) with a minimum age of 25 years from their date of manufacturing. The participant must show proof of minimum vehicle age by showing certificate of first registration, import or manufacturing.

Vehicle regulations

Vehicles should comply with current traffic regulations. Before the start of the rally, the Organization will effectuate a technical and administrative check of all vehicles, demanding at least the vehicle registration certificate, vehicle safety inspection and insurance, as well as the driver's licence. Foreign participants must prove the validity of insurance and driver's licence in Spain.

Mandatory equipment

- A 2kg fire extinguisher or 2 1kg fire extinguishers, which should be properly fixed within the interior of the vehicle and accessible to the team members at all times.

- Safety tool to break windows and cut seatbelts.

- 2 high visibility vests and 2 emergency triangles.

- Flaps over the rear wheels to avoid launching of stones and gravel to vehicles coming up behind.

Preparation of the car

The preparation of the car is up to the participant, provided that it complies with traffic regulations. If any alterations have been carried out, the team will be responsible for the alterations to be properly certified.


- Installation of a skid plate to protect the underside of the engine*

- Installation of a tank cover (only applicable to plastic tanks)

- Installation of towing lug fixed at the front and rear. These can be welded or bolted, but always at a strong part of the chassis.

- OTR or M+S (winter) tyres*

- 2 spare wheels or 1 wheel + anti-puncture kit

- 1 20-litre certified plastic or metal jerrycan for fuel

- 5-metre sling

- Basic tool box and first aid kit

- Approved roll bar and harness-type seatbelts. Harnesses are not allowed if roll bars have not been installed. The original safety belts of the vehicle may not be removed in any case.

*Strongly recommended